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September 21, 2008

Must Have Appliances

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Rice Cooker
Cheap and easy to clean, the rice cooker is one of my favorite kitchen appliances and due to its small size it easily tucks into the cabinet.  After a long day at work, throw half a cup of your favorite rice in the pot, add water and 20 minutes later you have a healthy serving of fluffy rice with minimal effort.  Use the steamer tray to add fresh vegetables to your meal; great for broccoli, snap peas, and green beans.

Crock Pot
In the cold winter months there is nothing better than the smell of a pot roast with vegetables floating through the house.  The crockpot makes complex dinners like pot roast with vegetables and an endless amount of soups easy even for the non-cooker.  Throw your ingredients into the crock, turn on, and come back six hours later for a very filling meal with loads of leftovers.  Pick up the crockpot liners at your grocery store for easy cleanup.

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