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July 9, 2008

The key to a great potato salad…

Filed under: Tips and Tricks — Ryan @ 7:48 pm

You can have the best potato salad recipe in the world, but if you do not adhere to this basic rule (which no recipes mention), your great potato salad recipe could turn into a flop.

Always apply your potato salad dressing (regardless of what type you use) while the potatoes are still warm. This is very important. When the potatoes are still warm, their pores are open and… you guessed it, porous. This allows all of the great flavor from your dressing to seep in to the potato and let the potato absorb all of the delicious yumminess. If you apply the dressing when the potatoes are cold, the dressing will basically sit on the outside of the potato and will not taste near as good.

Mmm, potato salad…

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